The District

Friends of Milwaukee Junction is a neighborhood revitalization and historic preservation group focused on the historic Milwaukee Junction factory district – Detroit’s original center of innovation. Known as the “Cradle of the Automotive Industry”, Milwaukee Junction is rich with history and prime for restoration and development.

Covering 710 acres in the heart of Detroit, Milwaukee Junction’s building stock is primarily made up of factories dating from 1900-1925. The district includes the Ford Piquette Plant, built in 1904, where Henry Ford developed the Model T and tested the concepts that would later be used to create the moving assembly line. The first 12,000 Model T’s were built at this facility.

Milwaukee Junction is also the home of Detroit’s original Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Indeed the very concept of Tier 1 and 2 began here. Sadly, this tremendously influential industrial district has been neglected over the years, leading to its present state of blight. But big changes are already evident.

Milwaukee Junction is quickly becoming one of the city’s creative centers with over 100 artist studios within its boundaries. It is also a favorite site for public art installations, including some of the city’s best graffiti and outdoor sculptures.

FMJ – Friends of Milwaukee Junction – is part historical society, part historic preservation group, and part economic development office. Our work is that of helping prepare the soil, both literally and figuratively, so that redevelopment can more readily occur.

FMJ’s volunteers bring hundreds of hours to the rehabilitation of the built environment. FMJ’s development experts ensure that present and future stakeholders can more easily acquire and revitalize the district’s long blighted yet historically significant properties.

Get in touch with us if you would like to help Milwaukee Junction get ready for the next wave of concentrated innovation and commerce.